City Builders ‘standard’ is well above what is considered normal. So it follows that our standard list of inclusions is well beyond the modest offering of other builders.

We don’t attempt to start low so that we can up-sell you after you have signed the contract or pretend that we include thousands of dollars of items “at no extra price”.

What we offer is exceptional value and build quality.

To this end, our ‘standard’ price includes ‘essentials’ like planning & development, footings inspection (engineer), timber take off and truss calculations and a 3 month statutory warranty. We also include air conditioning, floor coverings, dishwasher, light fittings and front and rear landscaping.

No fine print. Nothing hidden. What is ‘included’ is a simple, transparent approach that delivers an up-front all inclusive quote.

Rest assured that the experience of building a City Builders home will be every bit as enjoyable at the end as it is at the beginning.

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